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Condensate test chamber
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Economical condensate test chamber
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  • Economical condensate test chamber

Simulate various international standards such as GM, FORD and other automotive standards. Complies with ISO 6270-2, DIN 50017, DIN50018 requirements. Corporate standard involving automotive companies: GMW 14729B. GMW 14124 Cycle A, C, D, E, G, J, K, O, U, V sections. The test conditions in TL226 3.11.1 and GB national standard are used to test the corrosion resistance of test materials such as automotive coatings, automotive interiors, and steel. By simulating and strengthening the natural environment, the condensate water test chamber can measure the corrosion resistance of the tested material exposed to the corresponding natural environment in a short period of time, so as to provide data and basis for screening products or formulas.


1. The interior material of the high and low temperature transfer humidity and heat test chamber uses SUS304B board, which has the characteristics of acid resistance and easy cleaning;

2. The sample holder can be adjusted up and down as needed;

3. The box door has a large viewing angle thermal insulation vacuum tempered glass, which is convenient for users to inspect the sample test process;

4. The door magnetic seal and thermal insulation material used make the performance of the whole machine more superior;

5. It has a reasonable air duct circulation system, so that the temperature and humidity in the box can be uniform;

6. There is a test lead hole on the left side of the box;

7. Water supply system for high and low temperature transfer humid heat test chamber: automatic function, standard water tank;

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