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Condensate test chamber
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Standard condensate test chamber
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  • Standard condensate test chamber

The condensate water test chamber is an environmental test equipment manufactured by Linpin Instruments according to DIN EN ISO6270-2, DIN 50018 and other corresponding standards. In aerospace, quality inspection institutions, new materials, automotive electronics and other industries.


1. The material of the outer box is made of high-quality (t=1.2mm) A3 steel plate CNC machine tool, and the surface of the shell is sprayed to make it more smooth and beautiful;

2. The inner box is made of imported high-grade stainless steel (SUS304);

3. Insulation material e rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber;

4. The refrigeration system adopts fully enclosed French Taikang compressor;

5. Independent research and development of temperature and humidity instrument, 7-inch high-definition true color LCD touch screen, bring you the dignity and comfort of touch and vision; the controller panel is equipped with a 10M/100M Ethernet interface as standard, and automatically obtains an IP address for remote control. It can support real-time monitoring, historical curve playback, program editing, FTP upload and download, historical fault viewing, remote setting/program control and other functions.

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