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Ice water/gravel impact test chamber
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Ice water impact test chamber
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  • Ice water impact test chamber

The ice water impact test chamber is suitable for the ice water splash resistance test of the product. Simulate winter driving on wet roads with icy water splashing onto heating systems or components. The failure mode is mechanical cracking of the material or seal failure due to different thermal expansion coefficients. It is a reliability test equipment for all kinds of electronic, electrical, electrical, plastic and other raw materials and devices to conduct cold resistance, heat resistance, ice water splash resistance test, ice water immersion resistance test and quality control engineering.


1. It is suitable for the ice water splash test of the product.

2. The shell is made of domestic steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with baking paint, which is beautiful and durable.

3. The inner box is all made of SUS304# stainless steel plate to ensure long-term use without rust.

4. Box-type structure; it has its own water tank to circulate water; the water storage tank is equipped with a water level sensor, which automatically controls the water intake, and has a low water level detection, which effectively prevents the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water.

5. There is a transparent observation window (toughened glass material) on the door, and LED lighting is installed in the box, which is convenient for observing the internal test situation.

6. 1 slot nozzle (304L material, removable for cleaning), which meets GB/T28046.4-2011

7. Ice water impact test: The style specified in Figure 4 is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the standard.

8. Nozzle fixing device: The nozzle is fixed on the right side of the test box; the movable stroke distance is 200mm.

9. Immersion test: This test is not carried out at the same time as the splash test, which meets the requirements of 5.4.3 in GB/T28046.4-2011. The cylinder moves up and down, which can be directly transferred from the test box to the water tank, and the immersion time can be adjusted. Setting, the setting range is 1~5min, the setting range of the number of cycles: 1~999 times, the temperature recovery time in the water tank is 30min;

10. The core control system adopts a 7-inch touch screen + Panasonic PLC, and the electrical components adopt imported brands such as LS and Omron. The wiring process meets the requirements of national standards, the electrical board layout is reasonable, the wiring is firm, and the markings are clear.



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