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How to choose the right hot and cold shock chamber?
date:2022-03-04 popularity:32 Collection

At present, we have not been able to count an exact number of the types of natural environment factors and induced environmental factors that exist on the surface of the earth and in the atmospheric space, and there are no less than a dozen factors that greatly affect the use and life of our high and low temperature testers. , so how can we choose a better tester? The following are all tips to teach you how to choose a hot and cold shock box correctly.

       We must ensure the control accuracy of environmental parameters when purchasing hot and cold shock boxes, and we should also follow five basic principles when purchasing. The first is the reproducibility of its environmental conditions, the second is its safety and reliability, and the third is the environment

The controllability of the condition parameters, the fourth is the repeatability of the environmental conditions, and the fifth is the exclusivity of the environmental conditions. You can buy a good tester as long as you follow the above five points.

       The above is to teach you how to buy a good hot and cold shock box. You can choose the tester according to the standards you need.

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