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Basic knowledge and working principle of thermal shock testing machine
date:2022-03-04 popularity:31 Collection

Explanation of basic knowledge of thermal shock testing machine:

1. Name: The thermal shock test machine is also called the thermal shock test chamber, the high and low temperature shock test chamber, and the temperature shock test chamber.

2. Purpose: It is to test the chemical changes or physical properties of the samples caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time in the shortest time in the continuous environment of extremely high temperature or extremely low temperature for electronic, auto parts, aviation, military and other products. The change.

3. Type: Three-box cold and heat shock tester, two-box cold and heat shock tester, of which the three-box type is divided into a high temperature box, a low temperature box and a test box. The two-box type is divided into: high temperature box and low temperature box.

4. Temperature shock range: -40℃~150℃ -55℃~150℃ -65℃~150℃

5. Storage temperature: -78℃-200℃

6. Temperature shock time: within 5 minutes (from the lowest to the highest temperature or from the highest to the lowest temperature)

7. Temperature controller selection: OYO8226 TEMI8226

8. Compressor selection: French Taikang, European Bitzer, German Copeland

9. Cooling method: air-cooled and water-cooled

2. The manufacturer of the thermal shock test chamber explains the working principle:

Three-box thermal shock testing machine: the test product is placed in the test box, and its working principle is: the high temperature box and the low temperature box can be set to more extreme temperature conditions than the test temperature in the ready state. During the low temperature box test, the low temperature box door The opening and the test box form a test work space, and the low temperature test is carried out. When switching to the high temperature test, the low temperature box door is closed, and the high temperature box is opened and the test box forms a new test work space. The mechanical action of the conversion can be completed in less than 1s. It can also be stabilized quickly, and the test sample will not be moved during the whole test process, and no manual intervention is required.

Two-box type cold and heat shock testing machine: the test product is placed in the hanging basket, and its working principle is: the high and low temperature switching and low temperature conversion are realized by driving the hanging basket movement by the motor, and the test product moves with the hanging basket. The two-box type is equivalent to placing the samples in the high-temperature zone and the low-temperature zone respectively. Therefore, compared with the real three-box type thermal shock tester, the standard is different, and the obtained "shock" effect is different.

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