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Refrigeration system of thermal shock test chamber
date:2022-03-05 popularity:32 Collection

The thermal shock test chamber produced is mainly used in the high and low temperature reliability test of industrial products. For the parts and materials of automobiles and motorcycles, electrical and electronics, aerospace, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, power giants and other related products, it is an index used to detect various performance indicators of the machine under high and low conditions or cyclic changes. The high and low temperature test chamber is used in a wide range of temperature control range, and its performance indicators can reach the national standard.

    Then the thermal shock test chamber has so many uses in actual production! What kind of refrigeration methods are used in the actual production of high and low temperature test chambers?

  1. Cooling method: air cooling;

2. Refrigerant: use refrigerant R502 (low pressure cycle);

    3. Refrigeration auxiliary parts: air-cooled coil condenser, fin type multi-stage evaporator, the main refrigeration parts and control devices are imported originals, such as: American "Danfoss" thermal expansion valve, American "Aigao" drying filtration device; Italian "Casto" solenoid valve;

  4. The design of the refrigeration system should have energy regulation technology. An effective treatment method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also effectively adjust the energy consumption and refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the refrigeration system can be effectively adjusted. The operating cost and failure rate are reduced to a more economical state;

    5. Refrigeration compressor: In order to ensure the cooling rate of the test chamber and the requirements of the low temperature, its connection container is an evaporative condenser, and the function of the evaporative condenser is to use the evaporator of the low-pressure cycle as the condenser of the high-pressure cycle;

    6. The thermal shock test box adopts the French "Taikang" fully enclosed refrigeration compressor unit. Each unit is monitored item by item through the European "Taikang" computer network and has an anti-counterfeiting code, which can be searched through the Internet.

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