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Summary and Solutions of Common Problems of Cold and Thermal Shock Test Chamber
date:2022-03-05 popularity:37 Collection

Is the temperature change rate of the thermal shock test chamber as fast as possible?

Explanation: Whether the temperature change rate in the temperature shock test is as fast as possible, does the temperature change rate have any effect on the test results, and what kind of temperature change rate is the best impact temperature change rate?

How to distinguish between thermal shock tester and temperature cycle?

Explanation: What is the difference between temperature shock and temperature cycle, or are they both the same and just called differently?

How to determine the dwell time of the thermal shock tester?

Explanation: There is a so-called dwell time during the impact process. How to determine the dwell time of the product to be tested? Is it based on the quantity of the product to be tested or the material of the product to be tested?

Shock temperature needs to be OVER or lower than the set value?

Explanation: During the impact process, should the impact temperature be higher than the set value or lower than the set value to be correct?

The temperature sensor of the impact test is placed in the test area or in the air duct?

Explanation: Should the temperature sensor of the impact tester be placed in the test area or in the air duct?

High temperature first or low temperature first?

Note: In the temperature shock test, how to decide whether to charge the high temperature first or the low temperature first, if the specification does not require it?

Why do some shocks exceed normal temperature?

Explanation: Why do some shocks need to exceed normal temperature, while some shocks do not need to exceed normal temperature. What is the impact of shock testing at normal temperature on products?

Can an oven and freezer be used instead of a thermal shock machine for testing?

Description: If there is no money to buy a thermal shock machine, can an oven and a freezer be used to replace the thermal shock machine by manual handling?

How to calculate the estimated product life through the thermal shock machine?

Explanation: Use the thermal shock machine to calculate and estimate the possible service life of the product

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