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Testing instrument manufacturers talk about the auxiliary functions and air circulation devices of the hot and cold shock chamber
date:2022-05-06 popularity:16 Collection

Auxiliary function

Impact at different temperature sections: The multi-stage evaporator structure is cut off accordingly, the evaporation area is controlled to match the cooling capacity expansion valve, the output of the cooling system is used to reasonably reduce the output of the heater neutralization, and constant energy saving is achieved; there is an independent ventilation valve, Action when exhausting (normal temperature recovery) Introduce ambient air Air intake When ambient temperature is exposed, suck in outside air Exhaust exhaust hot air from the mechanical room and test area Timing pre-set the test start time, the test box starts automatically Start and prepare to start the test Exposure time is shortened Function Downwind temperature of the test area reaches the exposure temperature Function to switch to the next exposure Pre-treatment/Post-treatment function Before or after the cycle test begins or ends, the sample is exposed to a high temperature environment (heat treatment ) Maintain a certain period of time After the dry operation function test is over, the low temperature box can operate under dry conditions for a certain period of time.


Air circulation device

Hongjin cold and heat shock test chamber has built-in air conditioning room, circulating air duct and long-axis centrifugal fan. It uses high-efficiency refrigerator and energy regulation system to effectively exchange through high-efficiency fan to achieve the purpose of temperature change. The temperature uniformity of the test chamber is greatly improved by improving the airflow of the air, increasing the air flow and the heat exchange capacity with the heater and the air cooler.

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